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Dear colleges!



Let me introduce you a new research and practice journal «Sports medicine: science and practice». Our journal is published at a difficult and still a significant time. Our country is getting ready to accept the World Universiade in Kazan, 2013 and the Winter Olympics in Sochi, 2014. In many ways, the rapid development of sports and mass physical culture here in Russia over the past decade is due to the efforts of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation. And it goes without saying that the contribution of sports physicians in the victory of athletes increases from year to year. However, there are some problems in the medical support of Russian athletes. One of them is the lack of the professional mass media, which is essential to the development of the country’s sports medicine as a science at the level of highest international standards. Combining the efforts of the country’s leading scholars in the field of sports medicine and the leader in organizing sports events, the main Russian sports complex OJSC «Olympic complex «Luzhniki» gave us the possibility to create such a journal. And now we can proudly present our journal.

The purpose of a new journal is to provide sports physicians and other specialists in the field of sports medicine (doctors of national teams and clubs, medical and sports clinics, pharmacists, cardiologists, trauma surgeons, psychologists, physiotherapists, functional diagnostics specialists, etc.) of our country with information on domestic and foreign experience and scientific achievements in the field of sports medicine and anti-doping programs.

In the issues of our journal we will try to reflect all the new trends that appear in sports medicine and may contribute to the development of sport and physical culture in our country, and generally improve the health of Russian population.

The Editorial Board will pursue a line to broad reach and selection of the most important and interesting information for all areas of sports medicine and related disciplines. We expect to publish the materials in the following areas: physiology and biochemistry of sports, sports nutrition, pharmacological support in sports, providing an anti-doping support, medical emergency and sudden death in sport, rehabilitation, functional diagnostics in sports, biomedical technologies in sport, sport’s hygiene, sports traumatology, sports psychology, medical support for persons with physical disabilities who go in for sport, medical condition and medical support for sports veterans, medical support for mass athletic events, medical supervision in fitness, digest of news from the world of sports medicine, a calendar of scientific and practical conferences on sports medicine, the resolutions of conferences and congresses of physicians in sports medicine, basic legislation in sports medicine, the news of the Public Chamber of Russian Federation on work of Commission on Healthcare, Environment and Development of Physical Fitness and Sport.

We see our task, on the one hand, in helping Russian scientists to get to the pages of the journal and on the other hand, in informing practitioners working in teams, accompanying sporting events, treating and rehabilitating athletes, ensuring the safety of physical training and sports among young people, with the latest scientific information.

We hope that the journal will be interesting and useful for public health and sports officials, coaches, as well as teachers at specialized departments and students of health and physical Universities of the country.

The team of the Editorial Board of «Sports Medicine: science and practice» journal encourages all for fruitful cooperation and hopes that the journal will be a notable event in the life of the sports and medical community.

Editor in Chief, «Sports Medicine: science and practice»,

The Chairman of Commission on Healthcare, Environment and Development of Physical Fitness and Sport of Public Chamber of Russian Federation.

Head of Department of physical therapy and sports medicine I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, professor, Doctor of Medical Science

E. E. Achkasov

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